Mission and Vision

The purpose of our ministry is to share the gospel of Jesus with the world. We are grateful to God for sustaining this work since it began in 1937. Our mission statement guides our prayerful decisions, including choosing trips, projects, international partners, and staff.

Mission Statement

Partnering with God in leading people to share His saving grace.

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Imagine a Christ-centered ministry of servant leaders, imbued with a culture of stewardship that creates confidence and engages supporters.

Imagine a ministry that’s the world leader in international evangelism, with a comprehensive commitment to excellence, whose projects are selected and completed in accordance with an exacting standard.

Imagine an organization on a path of relentless, God-blessed growth, where involvement opportunities and volunteer resources abound. With its global impact seeing exponential growth, personally reaching people every day in every country, millions give their hearts to Jesus. Truly, every person who connects with the ministry in any way is blessed.

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