Aug 23, 2023 Faith Grows From Ashes

“Someone burned our church meeting structure, but God is greater. Sometimes we look at challenges like a loss or tragedy,” said QHM gospel worker, “but we must see with eyes of faith. Because of the fire, villagers are even more interested in Bible studies now! Praise God!”

In Northern Zambia, QHM gospel workers share how God is still bringing good out of tragedy after one of the meeting structures was mysteriously burnt down. Their structure was just a rough wood frame, made from branches and straw, shade from the heat.

“Because of the fire, villagers have become curious,” the gospel worker continued, “Chipoya*, the village headman, is a tough ex-convict and now he wants to start Bible studies! Praise God! And, others who have been doing Bible studies are making decisions to be baptized!”

One decision for baptism is Grandma Chanda, affectionately named this by the village. She is elderly and has experienced her own challenges. She has been studying the Bible and is grateful to the local church Dorcas workers who have improved her housing situation. Grandma Chanda says she has experienced God’s tender love through His people.

Truly, God is stirring the hearts of all sincere seekers.

Gospel workers in Zambia cover vast areas, some have an area of 70+ miles in radius, caring for dozens of Bible study groups and worship groups. They are reaching out to new villages, while also supporting dozens of new believers. Building a small structure is a significant step when a Bible study group is growing. Once a group is large enough or has accepted the Bible Sabbath, a small structure is usually constructed for believers to meet. Then as a congregation grows, a simple chapel can be built.

Gospel workers and motorcycles are essential in reaching the seemingly unreachable remote villages for Christ.

Here is a sample report of activities from Emmanuel, a QHM gospel worker:

Challenges: Need of spiritual literature to share. Need for local language Bibles to give the new believers. Long distances for me to reach rural areas. More spare tires due to bad roads and paths, and some areas inaccessible during heavy rains.

Impact: We reach out and help people whenever there is a need. Higher results than expected. We’re praying for when to begin health talks. Where we have Bible study groups, the community is becoming more interested in the word of God too. We expect to see much growth.

  1. Number of people contacted: 350
  2. Number of evangelistic meetings 1
  3. Highest adult attendance: 80
  4. Highest children attendance: 100
  5. New church groups: 2
  6. New Bible study candidates: 16
  7. Baptisms: 9
  8. 357 km covered (221+ miles)

Will you continue to pray for gospel workers in Zambia and around the world? Please pray for their protection as they travel and share the gospel. Pray that hearts would be touched for Christ.

“You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.” Genesis 50:20

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