Oct 11, 2023 God Opening Doors in Indonesia

“Pastor, I need to talk to you. Can the construction be stopped?” asked Mulyadi, the village head. Pastor Denny’s heart started pounding, and he lifted up a silent prayer—but he wasn’t prepared for what the village head said next!

For months, QHM international partners were praying and planning for outreach around Sulawesi, Indonesia. Multiple churches and small groups would be involved in the meetings. Gospel workers with QHM-sponsored motorcycles drove to and fro between the various churches and groups. Besides mobilizing all the church members, the gospel workers also needed to gather materials to build a platform and gather the necessary resources, such as chairs, AV equipment, etc. Additionally, there was the application and fees for the necessary permits with the village administration.

So far God blessed the planning for the community service and meetings, but hearing the village head’s request to stop construction was shocking. Pr. Denny felt confused, and his mind raced with questions of why the village head was asking to halt the work.

“What’s wrong, sir?” asked Pr. Denny, as calmly as he could.

“Pastor, can the Spiritual Awakening Services be held in the middle of our villages?” asked Mulyadi. “The whole community has been asking for your meetings to be there since the location is more centralized. Also, the platform from a previous community event is still set up, so this could save some time and resources. Please let me know if your pastors and leaders would be agreeable to this?”

Pr. Denny gave a sigh of relief! His anxious thoughts turned to joy! “Of course, sir, this sounds like an excellent idea! I will relay this request to our leaders ASAP.”

When Pr. Denny excitedly relayed this news to the congregations, everyone cheered for joy and praised the Lord! God was truly answering their prayers for the positive reception for their outreach event. People in the community were already feeling blessed by the churches’ positive influence.  But they were not prepared for the next answers to prayer!

Pr. Denny and some of the gospel workers traveled together to survey the new location. Upon their arrival, they were greeted by the community leader Andi, his wife, and a few other involved residents. There seemed to be an excitement in the air, and the leader broke the tension.

“Please Pastor, hold the meetings here,” asked Andi after their greetings. He went on to explain how the community residents would help with any additional supplies needed.

Another resident chimed in, “Pastor, I’ve talked with the people living closest to the platform area. We’ve all agreed that your team and the attendees can use the restrooms in our homes. And, if you need electricity, you’re also welcome to run extension cords to our homes.”

A local Pastor chimed in too, “Pastor, my church can accommodate 300-350 people. I’ve talked with our church leadership, and they want you, even though we’re different denominations. We serve the same God and stand by you in support.”

Wow! Praise the Lord! Pr. Denny and the gospel workers were overwhelmed by the community’s support and generosity. As they talked more, it became clear that God was opening the doors and answering prayers in amazing ways! The team was able to utilize all the village facilities, sound system, chairs, village hall, etc.—what an amazing time of community and friendship!

The Spiritual Awakening Services were well attended. Here are some highlights from the meetings:

  • Approximately 300 adults in attendance
  • Approximately 100 children in attendance
  • 50 Bibles distributed
  • 500 Pieces of SDA Christian literature
  • 100 New Bible study interests
  • 25 Baptisms

Praise God! Truly the Holy Spirt has been preparing the way in this new mission field in Sulawesi, Indonesia. Will you continue to pray that God will provide for mission in Indonesia and around the world?

“Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us, to Him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus to all generations, forever and ever. Amen.” Ephesians 3:20-21

Praise God for the 25 baptisms!

Inspired by the baptisms, many attendees were inspired to start Bible studies.

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