Nov 15, 2023 Out of the Valley of Indecision

“You’ve been to my home. You know the situation I’m dealing with. Please pray for me,” asked an emotional Euclides after an evening meeting.

Euclides had been studying with QHM gospel workers. But there seemed to be something more personal and deeper in his heartfelt request for prayer.

Earlier that week, before the mission team’s visitations, gospel worker Iliana shared about Euclides:

“Euclides has been attending our church for a while. I’ve been doing Bible studies with him, and he wants to be baptized. He and his partner have been together for 36 years, and we asked if they had talked about getting married before being baptized. For whatever reason, he’s been resistant to that.”

During the team’s visit with Euclides, he really connected with one of the QHM team members. They talked for a long time, and Euclides accepted their invitation to attend the evening meetings.

“I noticed when he started attending our evening meetings consistently,” said Dr. Dianne who was the speaker at Euclides’ church. “I made sure to greet him with a hug and ask him how he was doing.”

“I could see that with each successive sermon, he seemed to become more emotional,” said Dr. Dianne. “I could tell the messages were really touching his heart.”

The QHM team continued to lift Euclides and the other attendees up in prayer, every morning and evening. Then, at the final Friday evening message, Dr. Dianne made an appeal.

“I felt impressed to make an appeal for baptism,” shared Dr. Dianne. “An appeal for anyone who felt the Holy Spirit calling them to make a decision—and Euclides came forward!”

Dr. Dianne and Iliana, who was her translator, took time to pray with each of those who responded to the appeal. They especially wanted to hear how God had been touching Euclides’ heart. That’s when an emotional Euclides asked Dr. Dianne for prayer.

The next morning, after the Sabbath worship service, Pr. Wily asked for all the people who were preparing for baptism to come forward—and both Euclides and his partner Graciela came forward! They were both beaming with joy.

“Something wonderful must have happened that Friday evening and Sabbath morning,” said Dr. Dianne. “I didn’t need to go and ask for more details, because everyone could clearly see the Holy Spirit had been working on this special couple.”

Some team members speculated that Euclides finally asked his partner to get married. But most importantly they took a stand together, in unity, to travel side-by-side in their faith journey.

Pr. Wily continues to study the Bible with Euclides and Graciela, and they’re staying engaged in local and regional church activities. Please remember this special couple in prayer, and please pray for all who are in the valley of decision.

Also, please pray for QHM gospel workers like Iliana and Elias who continue to give Bible studies and make friends for Jesus. Pray for all gospel workers around the world, that God would give them His Spirit, love and wisdom as they share Christ.

“…Let us run with endurance the race that is set before us, looking unto Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our faith, who for the joy that was set before Him endured the cross, despising the shame, and has sat down at the right hand of the throne of God.” Hebrews 12:1b-2

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