Mar 1, 2023 The Ends of the Earth for Jesus in Zambia

Can you imagine having access to a Bible only two times a year? But by God’s grace and your support, this reality is changing for some of the most remote regions in Zambia.

The increased reach by providing motorcycles has been simply amazing for our gospel workers. Despite challenges, God is blessing through your prayers and support of the gospel in Zambia.

Pr. Teddy Kaunda at the Luapula Zambian Conference shared this amazing report with us:

Praise God! The church is growing in the remotest places of Luchinda, Nsumbu, Nchelenge, Mwense, Chimpempe, Lubwe, Milenge and Samfya. Thousands of Bible studies and visitations have been conducted by the gospel workers and God is blessing with faith and decisions to follow Him.

Motorcycles have made a tremendous difference in reaching these eight districts more efficiently. Some communities are as far as 80+ miles from our conference outpost. The remote communities are happy with the visitations and hearing the Word of God.

Some places remote places have only footpaths to reach them. We are so grateful for the motorcycles provided by Quiet Hour Ministries to use on the small paths. The motorcycles have an average mileage of 15,953km (about 9,912 miles), all for evangelistic movements by the gospel workers.

Each of our gospel workers in these eight respective places managed to conduct evangelistic campaigns. We still have active Bible study groups going on with 5,012 people participating in small groups. The motorcycles have been essential to keep these groups meeting and actively studying the Bible. More than 7,050 homes were visited in these eight regions resulting in Bible study interests, prayer, and household needs assessment.

While giving Bible studies, our gospel workers are also sharing lessons of self-reliance and health. Many of the people in these remote areas do not have any formal employment and they tend to abuse drugs and alcohol. And some still cling to traditional activities like witchcraft and other vices, not understanding their freedom in Jesus Christ.

Gospel workers share at community celebrations and traditional ceremonies and have given out 2,650 copies of missionary books The Final Hope to people who attended.

However, illiteracy levels are high in these regions, which causes several challenges. People may not understand what’s been studied clearly, or they may be unable to have deeper discussions about the topics studied with others who may challenge their growing faith. There is a need for more spiritual books and Bibles. Even if someone is illiterate, they can have another person help them, and thus increase their faith in God.

Other challenges we face are geographical, such as places like Kasoma Lungs and Bwalya Ponda that are swampy and can only be reached by banana boats. Chisenga Island also has similar transportation challenges.

Altogether, about 10,534 people have been introduced to Christ through our Bible study programs with 4,422 baptisms, seven new congregations planted and, another four congregations have been given church status in these eight places.

Here is a summary of the report from Luapula, which just one of the areas where QHM motorcycles are being used in Zambia.

  • 5,654 Bibles studies
  • 7,056 homes visited
  • 2,650 The Final Hope books distributed
  • 5,012 people in Bible study groups during the evangelistic campaigns
  • 4,422 baptisms
  • 7 congregations planted
  • 4 congregations grown to church status

Please remember each home, each individual, is precious to Jesus please keep each of them in your prayers.

Also, please continue to pray for us in the Luapula Zambian region. Our God can do the impossible. May He give us the needed wisdom, courage, and creativity to reach Zambia for Christ.

Praise God for this amazing report! By God’s grace, all our gospel workers will keep sharing until everyone in Zambia has heard the good news of Jesus and His soon return.

Jesus’ said, ”you will be My witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.” Acts 1:8.

Looking for more ways to pray or support? Sponsor a gospel workerÑorÑsponsor a volunteer on a mission trip.

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