Jun 12, 2024 The Light of the Gospel in the Dry Desert

In the heart of the Eastern Ethiopia Union Mission, lies the Central Ethiopia Field—a region where the gospel has struggled to take root amidst a predominantly Muslim population. Yet, it is here that a remarkable story of faith and transformation is unfolding, showcasing the power of God’s Word and the resilience of those committed to spreading it.

For years, regions of the Central Ethiopia Field, seemed like a spiritual desert. It was a place where the church had labored tirelessly but had seen little fruit. Despite these challenges, the church never wavered in its mission. Pastor Biruk* was sent to oversee five organized and five unorganized churches, and he faced an uphill battle. The community’s deep-rooted faith traditions made Christian evangelism incredibly challenging.

However, a different strategy brought hope. Breaking away from usual methods, Pr. Biruk adopted a friendship approach, organizing small Bible study groups and spreading the gospel from house to house. In God’s perfect timing, this method began to bear fruit in the most unexpected places.

Years later, the gospel started to sprout in the hearts of those who had heard it. Eight Muslims, intrigued by the small Bible study groups, began to re-examine the truths they had once held. These groups provided a safe and intimate setting for them to explore and understand the Christian faith deeply.

Earlier this year, a two-week evangelistic effort culminated in a moment of profound joy and celebration. With hearts full of faith and gratitude, nine people embraced the gospel, accepting Jesus as their personal Savior. Their baptisms are a testament to God’s incredible ability to transform lives, even in the most challenging environments.

Pr. Biruk also shared that ten more Muslims are currently studying the Bible and preparing for baptism. The newly baptized believers are now eager to share their faith, and plans are underway to expand this transformative work to other cities in the region.

This inspiring movement in this region of Ethiopia is a beacon of hope. Pr. Biruk believes this is a time when God is actively working, and he calls upon all who hear this story to support the mission in prayer.

In this recent homecoming evangelistic effort, the Central Ethiopia Field organized 418 small Bible study groups and conducted evangelistic programs at 117 sites. Their efforts led to the baptism of 467 souls in just two weeks, with many more still in baptismal classes. Praise God!

We invite you to join us in prayer and support for these new believers and the ongoing mission in Ethiopia. Together, we can celebrate the incredible work God is doing and continue to spread the light of the gospel in even the driest deserts.

*Name changed for protection

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